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Blue Angels Networking Cruise!

Commissioning week is just around the corner.  What are you doing for the Annapolis Holiday? You should be joining us on Watermark’s The Raven for

Membership Madness 2024 is Underway

It’s already March, which means Membership Madness is underway!  Membership Madness is when our members compete to recruit the most number of new members, mostly for

Superbowl Marketing Strategies

By Mark Kleinschmidt Super Bowl Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses This year’s Super Bowl was a mega-event watched by over 120 million people.  That’s a

CEO Bookshelf: The Structure of Success

By Mark Kleinschmidt If you are a small business owner you want to do everything possible to achieve success and avoid failure.  As the CEO

Legislative Update

By: Mark Kleinschmidt The General Assembly is in full swing and so far, over 2,500 bills have been introduced. That should be most of the

Now Seeking Small Business Award Nominations

The Anne Arundel Chamber of Commerce is looking forward to honoring five deserving small business owners at the 2024 Small Business Awards Breakfast on Thursday,

From the CEO Bookshelf

Review By: Mark Kleinschmidt Profit First  By: Mike Michalowicz Michalowicz’s book presents an innovative look at the financial management of your business. As the title

Wendi’s Christmas Cookies

By: Mark Kleinschmidt Did you know that the renowned poem, “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas” by Clement Moore used to be an annual Christmas Eve