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Legislative Advocacy

Legislation, regulations, taxes and fees put in place by the State, County and City governments can greatly impacted the overall economy and individual businesses. The Chamber of Commerce advocates on behalf of our members and the business community to ensure we have a strong and stable economic climate along with legislation and regulations that support business growth.  To provide our members with a stronger voice among elected leaders, the Chamber focuses on important legislative and policy issues that impact your business so you can focus on managing and growing your business.  

The Chamber provides our members legislative updates to stay ahead of proposed legislation concerning the local and regional economy and we provide timely information about economic development projects that can create new opportunities for your business. In addition, the Chamber hosts the Leadership Luncheon program to bring elected leaders and Chamber members together to discuss current legislative and policy issues that are impacting the economic and political landscape of Anne Arundel County. 

Anne Arundel County is home to a diverse business community comprising  sole proprietors, brick and mortar storefronts,  large corporations and everything in between. Our members come from a wide range of industries and the Chamber provides them with a united voice so our elected leaders and government officials understand our concerns. 


General Assembly

The Maryland General Assembly has 47 Senators and 141 members make up the House of Delegates, each is elected to a four-year term to represent the citizens that live in their district. The General Assembly meets for 90 calendar days starting the second Wednesday in January.  In addition to approving the State’s operating and capital budget, the General Assembly works on over 2,500 pieces of legislation each session, many of which are not approved. 

There are nine members of the House of Delegates and four Senators representing  Anne Arundel County. To find out which Delegate or Senator represents the area where you live or where your business is located, you can go here: 

House of Delegates 

Henson, Shaneka 
District 30A 
Anne Arundel County 

Jones, Dana 
District 30A 
Anne Arundel County 

Howard, Seth A. 
District 30B 
Anne Arundel County 

Kipke, Nicholaus R. 
District 31 
Anne Arundel County 

Chisholm, Brian 
District 31 
Anne Arundel County 

Munoz, Rachel 
District 31 
Anne Arundel County 

Pruski, Andrew C. 
District 33A 
Anne Arundel County 

Schmidt, Stuart Michael, Jr. 
District 33B 
Anne Arundel County 

Bagnall, Heather 
District 33C 
Anne Arundel County 

State Senate 

Elfreth, Sarah K. 
District 30 
Anne Arundel County 

Simonaire, Bryan W. 
District 31 
Anne Arundel County 

Beidle, Pamela 
District 32 
Anne Arundel County 

Gile, Dawn 
District 33 
Anne Arundel County 


Anne Arundel County 

County Council 

The County Council is the legislative branch of the government and consists of seven elected councilman and councilwomen who represent different part of the County. They are elected to a four-year term. If you do not know who represents you on County Council, you can go here:

Council has the power to enact laws in the form of ordinances dealing with a wide range of issues.  In addition, the Council is responsible for approving zoning changes, passing a capital and operating budget and twice a year they meet as the Board of Health.  If you would like to see what legislation the Council is currently considering, you can go here: 

The Anne Arundel County Council meets the first and third Mondays of the month at 7pm at the Arundel Center located at 44 Calvert Street in Annapolis. The public is invited to attend Council meeting and testify about an ordinance or concern they may have.   

County Council Members 

District 1 – Peter Smith 
District 2 – Allison Pickard 
District 3 – Nathan Volke 
District 4 – Julie Hummer 
District 5 – Amanda Fiedler 
District 6 – Lisa Brannigan Rodvien 
District 7 – Shannon Leadbetter 


Office of the County Executive 

The County Executive is the chief elected official for the County and oversees the executive branch of the government, which consists of a number of offices and departments. The executive branch is charged with implementing the laws of the County and managing the daily operations of the government.  The County Executive is also responsible for preparing the county budget and ensuring the that all services and programs are benefiting the people of Anne Arundel County. 

Steuart Pittman was re-elected for a second four-year term in 2022. To find out more about the County Executive or to contact his office, you can go here: 


City of Annapolis  

City Council 

There are seven council districts in the City of Annapolis and each district elects an Alderman or Alderwoman to a four-year term. The regular meetings of City Council are held on the second and fourth Monday of the month.  The Council takes legislative action and holds public hearings at both meetings. From time to time, the Council also holds additional special meetings to consider legislative and policy matters in depth. Members of the general public are provide an opportunity to make comments at the start of each regular meeting.  

The contact information for each member of City Council is listed below.  If you do not know the who represents the area where you live or where your business is located, you can find your Alderperson by clicking HERE 

Eleanor “Elly” Tierney 
Ward 1 (D) 
Phone: 410-231-1316 

Karma O’Neill 
Ward 2 (D) 
Phone: 410-260-3402 

Rhonda Pindell Charles 
Alderwoman, Ward 3 (D) 
Phone: 410-266-6857 

Sheila M. Finlayson 
Ward 4 (D) 
Phone: 410-271-4173 

Brooks Schandelmeier 
Ward 5 (D) 
Phone: 410-260-3406, 410-996-4983 (cell) 

DaJuan Gay 
Ward 6 (D) 
Phone: 443-214-4364 

Robert Savidge 
Ward 7 (D) 
Phone: 443-906-1361 

Ross H. Arnett III 
Ward 8 (D) 
Phone: 443-745-2901 


The Mayor’s Office is responsible for the overall management of City government and he or she is elected to a four year term.  The City of Annapolis has a “Mayor-Council” form of government in which the Mayor chairs the City Council and also serves as the chief executive of the city government. The Mayor’s Office is responsible for managing all city departments and carrying out the policies adopted by the City Council. 

Gavin Buckley was re-elected for a second four year term in 2022. To find out more about the Mayor or to contact his office, you can go here: 


General Assembly Wrap-Up

The General Assembly wrapped up its 2023 legislative session on Monday.  This was the first legislative session for newly elected Governor Moore and quite a

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