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Talking Politics: Anne Arundel County

Changes Coming to County Council

No matter what happens in the Fall elections the Anne Arundel County Council will look significantly different.  If you want to find out more about the candidates, see a map of each district and get an idea of the voter registration, click HERE.  But first, check out these three questions:

Question #1: How many terms can a Councilperson serve?

Answer: There is a two-term limit for members of County Council which brings fresh faces to the Council as incumbents “term out” or decided to seek another office after their first term.

Question #2: How many votes does it take to get elected to County Council?

Answer: Each Council District has between 53,000 to 63,000 registered voters as of November 2020 and with an average voter turnout of about fifty percent 15,000 to 17,000 votes should get the job done for the winning candidate.

Question #3: Who is running for County Council in 2022?

Answer:  All seven Council seats are on the ballot. Four of the current Council members are running for re-election and there are three open seats. There is a primary election for the Democrats to determine who will run in District 2 and the Republicans have a primary in District 7.

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