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CPR Saved My Life!

By Mark Kleinschmidt

Did you know it’s CPR and AED Awareness Week? 

Check out this month’s Chamber Spotlight Video about Bayside CPR and AED Training Center. Listen to what Kyle has to say and why he is so passionate about training individuals and business with lifesaving CPR skills.

I know the value of CPR because it saved my life.  Seven years ago, in August after an early morning run, I came home and had a sudden cardiac arrest right on my bedroom floor.  I would not be here today, if my daughter, who is CPR trained, was not home and administered CPR.

She kept me alive until the Paramedics arrived and then I flatlined, so they continued CPR and shocked me 7 times to resuscitate me.  I was transported to the hospital and on the way I flatlined again and additional shocks brought me back. At the hospital, I had a stent placed into my blocked artery.

This was not a good way to start the day!!

But since then, I have had many good days because of the lifesaving CPR from my daughter. So, watch this video closely and listen closely to what Kyle says.  Then give Bayside CPR a call at 447-837-7891 or you can schedule a CPR training session on their website (, either for your family or business.

Because you never know, someday you could save someone’s life or someone can save your life.

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