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When the Founder Becomes CEO

By Mark Kleinschmidt Time to Change As a small business owner, you’ve built your business from the ground up.  However, as your small business starts

The Power of Thanksgiving

By Mark Kleinschmidt Gratitude Marketing for Small Businesses Thanksgiving is more than a holiday, it’s a state of mind. Embodying this approach in your business

Meet the Father of Retail Marketing

By: Mark Kleinschmidt What would he think of SEO? You may not be familiar with John Wanamaker but he is one of the great pioneers

Get the CEO Mindset

By Mark Kleinschmidt Time for Change In order to truly expand your business, you have to adjust your management perspective and adopt the CEO mindset.

Small Business Annual Sales

By: Mark Kleinschmidt   How Much Do They Make? What percentage of small businesses bring in more than $1 million in sales? Before we answer

What’s Next for the Economy?

FED President to Speak at the Chamber For more than a year we have seen interest rates increase and inflation driving up the price of

The New Hillman Garage is Opening!

  The Hillman is Going Gateless! Park. Pay. Proceed. Annapolis, is pulling out all the stops. Literally. You don’t have to stop as you enter the

We’re Planning a Trip to Italy!

TRAVEL ALERT:  Chamber Planning Trip to Italy Ciao! The Chamber is planning an exciting all-inclusive trip to Italy in October. We can offer this outstanding

The Chamber is Cruisin’ to View the Blues!

The Anne Arundel Chamber of Commerce has secured Watermark’s Raven for the coveted Blue Angel’s Practice Day on Tuesday, May 23rd! Everyone in Annapolis knows