September 28, 2016,

Dear Fellow Chamber of Commerce Members:

We recognize and very much appreciate that our organization serves a broad base of businesses throughout Anne Arundel County and the City of Annapolis.  The regional nature of our membership has not change since we merged the Anne Arundel Trade Council and the Greater Annapolis Chamber of Commerce to form our current chamber of commerce back in 1999. 

That merger in 1999 was the result of our county and city business members recognizing that commerce does not have jurisdictional boundaries, and that both business communities are in essence one business community serving customers and clients  throughout Anne Arundel County, of which Annapolis is a part.

This week we unveiled a new website that will provide new tools for members to use in growing their business. It will also have expanded capability to keep members informed, as well as give members the ability to communicate directly with each other in the “members only area” of the website.

Your Board of Directors for the chamber of commerce also decided the time was appropriate to shorten our name to Anne Arundel County Chamber of Commerce. We’ve actually owned this name for over 30 years, but have not used it since 1987. We feel the shortened name accurately reflects the broad base of membership we have throughout Anne Arundel County and in our State Capital City of Annapolis.  You will also see our new logo which represents an evolution of our current brand.  The clean, revitalized icon speaks to “forward motion” and the fresh, modern typeface and color scheme convey a sense of welcoming and positivity.

Regardless of these technical and graphic changes, our mission and vision for the organization will remain the same, as it has served our members well.  We are proud of what we’ve accomplished over the years with that mission and vision as our guide, and we will continue to be the chamber that is ultimately here to help your business grow.

As the chamber of commerce enters its 98th year in October, I want to personally thank you for your continued support as we work together to build a stronger and more vibrant regional economy in which all of businesses prosper and thrive.

Bob Burdon